Misaki Sawada

Misaki Sawada

Tokyo born, Misaki spent after school hours at the counter of her father’s café near Kokubunji train station filling sketch book after sketch book which her father would keep in healthy supply. She took pleasures in things like Manga comics, Miyazaki films, 80’s American film, and classic cartoons both Japanese and American. These influences can be seen in her work.

Moving to California at 16, she found comfort in high school art classes where language barrier was less of a burden. She studied Commercial Art, Fine Art as well as Biomedical Art and Anatomy during college. Her interest in anatomy plays a major role in some of her creations.

For the past 10 years, she has been working as a product designer to a prominent giftware company based in Los Angeles. In this role, she has created and built a number of successful product lines of her own within the company. She designs a wide range of products which are distributed globally. She is most known for her successful collectable line of figurines Furrybones, the popular product line has close to 100 characters and continues to grow.

Her most successful & well-known products can be found here.

Her company website.