Jason Rose

Jason Rose

Jason Rose is a working editor and producer that understands every aspect of creative editing, video/film production, color grading and workflow. His knowledge comes from both, "hands-on" experience, as well as, professional training.

He has worked on many projects both artistic and commercial and has worked as an editor in several different genres, including comedy, sketch comedy, drama and documentary. Past projects include a critically acclaimed independent feature titled One Hour Fantasy Girl, and the award winning short film Viola Concerto. The later of which he wrote, directed and edited.

Jason has given lectures on filmmaking and has worked with a number of entertainment companies, including: ABC/Disney, Trailer Park, Fox, Bunim/Murray, NBC|Universal, Asylum Entertainment, and Pink Sneakers Productions.

His interest in film production began during his childhood when he found an old 8mm film camera in his grandparents attic. He became interested in video production during high school and graduated college with a TV & Film Degree from Texas Christian University. Upon graduating, Jason immediately moved to LA working in related fields, as well as, creating and developing his own projects.

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