Editing for VR

VR Editing

Please note: This is a 2 week / 4 class meetings workshop.

Virtual Reality made from 360 Video has fostered in a new language of editing, and the tools are just becoming readily available for anybody to begin making seamless and intricate work using Adobe's Creative Suite and the new Mettle Skybox Plug-in suite. While we were once hampered by difficulties correcting our stitches, cleaning up the camera rig from orientations, and just trying to watch back footage, we are now able to do all of those things pretty easily.

Topics will include: Adobe Premiere Pro 101 Crash Course using Premiere to edit two VR music videos directed by M. Woods and Kiira Benzing, Adobe After Effects 101 Crash Course, a lecture on the basics of virtual reality as of 2018, masking, cleaning up issues with stitches and removing the rig, compositing, green screen, using logos and overlays in equirectangular projections, using particle systems in 360 video, a discussion on the workflow for spatializing sound and distribution.

Be advised that this class is introductory by nature and does NOT necessarily teach you how to edit... It teaches you how to use the software. If you have no previous editing experience, some lessons may be challenging, but will not be impossible.

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of the computer, editing experience recommended.

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(Note: classes include both lecture and instructed lab)
Evening Class: Instructed Lab 6:15pm-7pm, Lecture 7pm-10pm

Michael Woods
Price: $750.00
Mon & Wed 7-10p 6/11-6/20
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