Textures breathe life into your models! The visual appearance of things is given by their surfaces. How we see an object is, simplified speaking, determined by its color and structure. Therefore, to make virtual things look as if they were real, a realistic imitation of real surfaces is essential. To reach this, so-called textures are used.

Basically textures are (mostly photographic) pictures of materials. These images are projected onto a model of a virtual object to simulate the visual characteristics of the real material and thus, to make it look real. This class will explore the use of textures to perfect the final, composed “look” of a CG scene, bringing out the best that a CG program’s camera, lights, tools, presets, and plugins can offer to affect its final "look."

This course provides an overview of the production process used to create textures and materials for for animation and VFX. Students will learn to create photo-realistic and stylized textures using proper workflows in Maya and Photoshop with an introduction to 3D painting software like Mudbox or ZBrush. Proper UV mapping procedures will be covered in addition to shader properties and setup. Student will complete a scene by the end of the course that is ready for for the next stage in production.

Prerequisite: Basic to intermediate understanding of Maya.

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Weekly Class: A half hour of labtime before and after lecture.

Frédéric Durand
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