Intro to Web Design

Intro to Web Design

Please note: This is a 2 week / 4 class meetings workshop.

These days, moving from project to project, studio to studio has become the new normal. And with that being able to demonstrate your skills and qualifications at a moment's notice has become essential! The old days of physical portfolios and demo-reel are behind us - a well put-together, good-looking site, as small as it may be, is the new calling card.

And what you need to know to make a website and publish to the internet can be nebulous and/or overwhelming. Beyond a nice layout design with tasteful visuals and fonts, you have to consider your content strategy & purpose, information architecture, the myriad tools & platforms at your disposal, as well as a host of technical items that stand between you and putting yourself online.

This is an introductory workshop suitable for beginners looking to get a sturdy understanding in any or all of the concepts listed above. Whether it’s a gallery of your work, a landing page for your business, or a blog (or all 3!), students will be able to publish a website to their own domain that demonstrates capable skill and understanding of the medium.

Students will be working with the Squarespace platform.
(Please note, as a personal recommendation from the instructor: if planning to start a large-scale, high-traffic online store or e-commerce solution Squarespace is not recommended)

Prerequisite: Ability to comfortably use a computer and web browser.

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(Note: classes include both lecture and instructed lab)
Evening Class: Instructed Lab 6:15pm-7pm, Lecture 7pm-10pm

Chris Macho
Price: $750.00
Tue & Thus 7-10pm 3/27-4/5
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